Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 FINAL!

okay so unless something BIG happens, this'll be the final entry for 2008

and i'll keep it short concerning the things in store for 2009

"oh you thought you wasnt gonna see me!?... Im the Osiris of this motherfucker!"

Ol' dirty Bastard- "Triumph"- Wu Tang Clan

Monday, December 22, 2008

episode 18: Credits

Sugabear , Ms Malloy, the princess :Reenie
The butterfly,the soothesayer:Kat
The franchise player, Jay-z: deuce P
The mogul: dj fyrewall
the rebel: Dj Phlash
the Iron chef of New jersey: Sauce
Viv money: Viv money
The co-host: Dj mcLovin
the coolest f'n dog ever: Patton

soundtrack by As-is , tuesdays from 7-9 on WEXP Lasalle Radio

Love is you- chrissette michelle
Beautiful- joe jordan
anyone else but you- the moldy peaches
I gotta Know-nikka costa
If i were a boy- Beyonce
like i used to- john legend
Heartless-Kanye West
Something about us- daft punk
Jumper- third eye blind
Save Tonight-eagle eye cherry

2008~ the Life ,romance, and Death of Moe Jiggetts

episode 17: Same girl .. different name ... same breakup, same game

what is it with me and Moody,intelligent,emo theatre nerds? is it me or has every major Female companion roughly fit this bill.

somewhere between 5'5 and 5'8
roughly 150 to 182 lbs
some family dysfunction
considered off the beaten path
Headstrong persona
thinks that im cute, when I clearly dont agree
disagrees with my thoughts on their beauty
amused, enamored, and creeped out by my advances

friends with my friends, as well as very inviting into their lives

ok ok if i think about this anymore its gonna get real creepy. I loved them all Dearly, but every relationship burned out because i fucked up or they did some little shit that just spooked the fuck outta me. or the honest truth. they just got tired of me. but to be honest, i think that sharon was the only one to get the real me 100% of the time. serena got me in spurts because she was so demanding and so spiteful half the time.. just a plain old hater and i was so afraid to be real with her.. big mistake huh. liz... liz got so much of me its sad. uugh i shudder whenever i think about the bullshit i ran myself thru, the drama, the stress... the fact that this time last year i was trying to find a feasable way to build my life so that i could support a college Graduate and start a family. Teresa Marie, Zoe Denise, Aiden Xiomar.. i had my kids names picked out.

now for the rant... no.. wait... no sorry Katrina , i fucked that one up

well kids i think thats it for 08, lets look back on the cast shall we?
Next episode: the credits

episode 16: my friends over you

So I think that it's funny. this is the first Christmas that I've spent alone since I've started dating. and i think that all my friends and even my younger brother are friends with sugabear and the butterfly ( yeah, i managed to piss her off too.. i'll rant about that in episode 17) and im not. I see why... its nothing against them its just that i dont take rejection as well from certain people. in sugabears case, Yeah I walked out on her but it was just like when i walked out on nancy. i left before they could leave me. Its not like i left her for someone .. okay its not like i left suga for the butterfly, but damn it did seem that way for a while... grimy huh? it gets worse. it seems that everywhere I turn , Her face is there and yeah.. i got rid of most of her pictures and a lot of the videos of our outings. I sold or burned anything i had that reminded me of her ( that i could bear to part with of course) . on to the next girl.. no not the knight, the soothesayer. she was Magic to me, my counsel, my rock, my stability in an increasingly unstable world. the black butterfly became the phoenix that gave me courage to rise from the darkness of my own surroundings only to shun me back to it. or rather I shunned her. she mentions one little hiccup, one little sign of stress and as usual i take it way to far in fear of my own heart and i told her to kick rocks. bad idea. Even though nothing really went on between us, i was so deeply connected to her that from the moment she cut me off i felt it. i felt the very air that i breathe thin out into nothingness. So i see the princess everywhere, i no longer have the soothesayer to comfort me, i cant fuck this up with the knight... Im so afraid that i will. Here i stumble, a king without a crown. without a kingdom.
so really.. what is there to fight for
I know i deserve some sort of punishment for my aloof ways, but really , my only crime is sheer luck. I was lucky that after every Devastating break-up, i managed to find someone else to fill that void. for nancy who i wrongly accused of infidelity ( my crime of choice) i found liz, for liz who outgrew my childish insecurity, i stumbled upon sharon, for sharon whom i feared being without, God gave me another chance in sere.... yeah... Her....i dont think i can do better than Serena. Im pretty sure that Katrina and i werent meant to be, and regardless of whatever blocks i put in my way and whatever she did to stop my advances... i was bound to screw that up. what does that say about this next girl. why am i on this path? Im consitently dealing with oh i'll put that on blast in episode 17

Sunday, November 9, 2008

episode 14: change,hope, and WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIPS

so when i last posted up, I had to drop Sugabear. so here i stand, alone. No suga, no butterfly,and i dont know who my friends are anymore. but in a shocking twist of fate I found myself in the familiar embrace of a fighter... I say familliar because Im normally the fighter . it seems that ive found a kindred spirit but im not going to jump the gun on this one. she cant have a relationship right now but we're still friends and we connect. she makes me happy like sugabear used to .
enough about these girls.. Im almost done my coursework, and Im contemplating wether to go for a job on a cruise ship or to stick around here and go back to school again.. i dunno, Im definetly going to get rid of this bed, but if I gt the job on the cruise then im not gonna get a new bed cuz i wont be able to sleep in it for half a year!

the phillies won the world series .. so fuck the mets... and the president looks like ME
those 2 events coupled with my amazing week/weekend with the fencer, made my life better and helped me to forget about sugabear ... I think ive finally managed to move on.
thats Change.. That's Hope,and it makes me feel like a WORLD F'N CHAMPION!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

episode 13: wow thirteen always has bad news huh

im single... after months of arguing, weeks of trying to change , days of being the furthest from her when im right next to her,hours of crying, and moments in love.. it is over.. she's free to find herself without my needy clingy ass involved.. i tried to play the background but that wasnt enough.. so im gonna dip out of her life and let the next one have their shot.
she asked me the usual what if questions, and im open to taking her back.. but i know thats not going to happen, i know that a girl like that is never going to happen so frankly im round about done with women... these girls these days have lives, they dont want relationships, just a little action and something that resembles loyalty.. noone wants the real thing anymore its pointless.

sugabear, if youre reading this.. find yourself, find yourself and smile because you cant help but smile. feel joy again, feel something again. and finally...
dont cry because its over
smile because it happened.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

episode 12

i had so much to write for this blog, what with the shows and working on salinas project and still trying to keep serena by my side throught it all. but all i can think about is how much i miss my sugabear. come back to me sugabear.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

episode 11: Fail ( a note to myself from myself)

So that blog I posted yesterday... totally backfired on me. it probably means curtains for my relationship with Her. Its a damn shame really. I always get lucky.. like ridiculously lucky, and i manage to mismanage it. so here i am again 2 weeks to the day saying to myself at 3am in the morning, i cant lose her, not like this not like this. the quick and dirty solution would be to just shut my mouth and not say a word to her about anything other than what pretains to her. but shutting her out of my life isnt the way. for pete's sake i didnt mean to give you the idea that i want another girl. i want you and she helped me to see that. but alas the girl that im with now is intent on releasing me , setting me free, and leaving the door open for me to walk out like the jerk that i am.
and in truth she's the one who wants her freedom and rightfully so. today was a huge mistake a huge huge mistake and if i can make it out of this one alive then i swear i'll never talk to another female outside of my family and the woman im dating... thats not the right way to go because this whole argument started up because i was being anti social around women. sheesh i cant win. No i can win. I will win , because i dont lose.

so heres the plan of action ladies and gents,

step 1: hear her out

*if she leaves me then proceed to step 6

step 2: leave her to her work and her friends.. assuming she accepted me back into her life, she's going to need time to heal and besides things in her life are getting busy.

Step 3: leave weekends open , sure she may not want to hang out with me but in order to make any kind of change a comprimise must be agreed, because she says she wants to spend time with me, but her schedule says otherwise.

step 4: buy 1 dozen gerber dasies and this time include instructions on how to keep them alive

step 5: get her something big for christmas ... by this time her birthday is already in the books... and she's a grown woman.. the kid shit and septa aint gonna work, hit up a few bars, take in a show or two, display some class and style, all the things you did to get her in the first place.


step 6: if you get to this step then im sorry, you failed and she left you for something more . at this point youve given up the backup girls a long time ago and you dont have any real friends to depend on. even though the source of all your strength has fled , carry on as usual... get the job, get the apartment, get the certification and maybe even a degree. be civil with her, but dont fool yourself into thinking she'll take you back because isnt that how you ruined the last 2 relationships worried about some girl who obviously dropped your scrawny ass by the waysi... but lets not reminisce lets move forward

i dont like step 6 and i know you dont moses... so for all that is pure and right in this world , i hope and pray that she forgives you, and you take a hard look at yourself... youve already anylyzed the other options. the other girls, the wild single life, you sat and thought long and hard about that and its not for you. be sure in your convictions and you will find solace. and above all, respect her and her decision.
because you love Serena, you do , that is Certain.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

episode 11 beta: for gods sake woman lets just cuddle and eat ice cream

well i found a blog that i didn't post and i published it... it was honest and i had to get that shit off of my chest but as usual with me being honest... It backfired... offense was taken and well its safe to say that i was in this same position 2 weeks ago. damn and i was doing so good too . I cant lose her.. not like this. if I have to i wont talk to another female outside of my mother and my co-workers. not her friends not mine... because all my friends well the girls at least, are girls that i would definetly be with... with me there is no true "platonic" sense. I select my female friends based on what i would want in a mate, and as for the other ladies.. i just know them, sure they may be beautiful, intelligent, and all the sort, but they arent the girl that i would date so they dont get that attention.. thats what this is all about.. attention, I called one girl by an ornate name and the other by a mere title .. otherwise none of this would have happened and Id be eating Ice cream and bringing donuts to her tonite. you know what , fuck it... Im still going to bring her ice cream and donuts because i know she's having a tough time.

im trippin yo... im trippin hard.. maybe i should just leave her alone till her birthday.. give her time to breathe. .. yeah i'll do that, I'll give her time to breathe... i just want to hear her heart beat.

Episode 10: the will to love

So im in school at the audio institute, and im trying to get a job , tryin my ass off to get a job! im djing regularly at Tailgators in fishtown and I really think that serena and I have a chance at making it happen.. oddly enough thats all because of a black butterfly. see i met this girl and she completely blew me away. thing is ( thankfully) she managed to keep her head on straight. we did nothing and she reminded me that yes i have a girlfriend and that i love her... its strange.. that makes me sound like a dirty unfaithful cheat but really im above that behavior. the mrs and i have been on the rocks for a while and I guess in finding a friend i found an out but she ( the butterfly) is too good for me to just hop to. that girl .. no that woman deserves so much more. so im going to make an effort with serena and if it dosent work out then instead of just hopping to the next peice , Im going to chill and build. so it stands like this .

thanks for everything gorgeous, and as much as i want you , need you , crave you...
I already have all that I'll ever need and want. i just have to put effort into it. Willpower i guess is what i lack

Monday, September 22, 2008

Commercial time!!! : Remix Rangerz Blog!!

Wow, a videogame soundtrack, New artists, and even a new page to post up mixes.... the RMXRNGRZ are goin places

Saturday, September 6, 2008

episode 9: Nasty with the keys like i was fingering alicia

So its been a wild ride, Ive got my sampler, I learned how to make some fresh live remixes, and i entered a rap battle at random, with a bunch of dudes that i dont know for a national prize and placed third... shit was banannas.

episode 8: davinci aint got shit on me

i got an email from a friend today and reading it made me feel like a true scumbag.
see i had been arguing with oth my girlfriend and my ex all week... me and the mrs made up and me and the former mrs made up.. but the former... sharon... Hit me up with the bomb of all emails basically saying " youre sending me mixed messages and i dont deserve to be played like this" thing is i didnt see it that way. and i thought about it, especially with my ex girlfriends ( because im so comfy with them) im very forward, kind and sometimes flirtatious.. okay im way too flirtatious... last time i hung out with my ex i felt like i should have had her back and part of me didnt like that because im in a committed relationship.. i mean shit im engaged so technically no other woman on this planet should have what i need but her. no no no i am not going to take a break from serena to figure myself out i got it figured out. and i dont want to hurt sharon because while the relationship was wonderful we got off on the way wrong foot. she's a wonderful person and i want to be her friend . thats going to take some self control for me i have it. but i cant bear to hurt her either her.
i dont want to burden serena with more doubt about us
and i dont want to break sharon down with emotional stress

im going to see this through and by the time the sun sets on this situation . I'll have serena . as for sharon and I hopefully we can still share a laugh and advice every so often

and seriously.. maybe i should just not deal with women... they cant seem to handle me very well..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

episode 7: 22

Upon realization of my 22nd birthday, I saw that i had officialy reached a solid decade in poetry and thus, songwriting. though ive lost most of that work, its okay. ive been 10 years doin it, and now i have to make something of it.
thanks to everyone who came out to the jam, it was worth it. yall made me happy and hopefully i returned the favor.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Episode 6: Someday you will find me

And I did.

This is dedicated to a certain few friends who came into my life that fateful summer back in 2001.
If i recall, it all started with me looking for female company, i didnt like the hood jawns at work, so I called on my friend morgan ( a fox if you ask me) one afternoon we hung out poolside with her friends Lacey and Aleshia, shit aint been the same since.

lets skip the story, just last week I had the honor of celebrating Lacey's 22nd birthday with her and some of her new friends. I gotta admit in the brief 10 minute conversation we had, i think she taught me what being a survivor is all about, and that im not the only one . now my goal is to find as many of the spiders as i can and see if we can achieve the same dynamic we did as awkward teenagers.

so to the spiders from mars. thanks for everything.

Monday, July 21, 2008

episode 5 and a half: "one monkey dont stop tha show and cant no motherfuckin monkey stop my flow"

Yeah im gona open this little halfisode with a line i just made up.
I had a lot of shows in the past month.. theoretically. I got shafted for my gig at love park. apparenlty reigional management has a lot of "talent" and when they have a satge and their talent shows up, booked or not, they get a shot at glory.
Im not in regional management.
the guy who offered me the original show offered me a chance to come back the next day, he had noone booked so i had the whole 2 hours, i was ready to spin a nice lunchtime dance party.

wouldnt ya know it,i get there and some old guy has the stage on lock and he's pushin his old school r&b doo wop outfit.. THEY SUCK! then he gets up and puts on some old drunk guy , not dressed to perform mind you, who's singing in some sick perverted high pitched voice, breaks into Jackson 5 tunes and has some old broad with puppets sitting sidestage. man WTF . so finally after the old farts bitch and moan about not getting enough time on stage and nooone being there to see them and not getting good promotion( if you suck.. noone will come besides your fanbase is either by a fan or on base... its hot out and love park is full of kids white tourists and crackheads.)
anyway my contact finally gets the stage and I cant set up my shit because he didnt get the table I asked for and his artists begin showing up outta nowhere. like just of the fucking street corner. from the hopeful naive little white songstress to the singing hodrat and even the whack dvd rappers who spin an angle of "positivity" they all get on and try to sling their records and I get shafted. furthermore i had to share setup space a small setup space with some other dj's and we were scheduled to split a 15 minute set. are you shitting me?

i plugged up and was gettin ready to rock... my hard drive failed on me. aint this a bitch.

lets see the clark park show went well. thats it.

episode 5: "you cold thumb suckin"

Y'know Ive never been good with women, Ive just been blessed to have some good ones over the years ( cheers to ruth/roxanne and sasoun-chan) and i had some bad ones.. This past weekend at a dj PHSH jam, i ran into one of the bad ones. it was real fucked up too. this girl that I used to date (might even become her co worker..) was just throwin hate my way the whole night. now that i look back on the alleged relationship, i regret the way i handled it but dude.. i was like 13. Had'nt even made it to freshman year of high school yet. anyway im used to these neighboorhood jawns throwin shade my way, i mean they dont know me as a nice guy and probably never will since i dated 2 or 3 of em. but damn throwin extra shade and then makin shit up while my fiancee is in the house. and then you wait untill we're in front of all the guys to really rail on me... shit did i really hurt you that badly 8 years ago? tellin me you had folks ready to beat me up...fuck.. bring that shit then. an asswhoopin is free even to the people i call friend. in her defense , maybe it was the booze talkin because i specifically remember confronting her the week before just to close the book on shit. not to mention talking to her the whole year via phone and aim just to present the new and improved... well what do i have to prove!

on another note, ill just say it here, if im at a party and you see a thick lightskin jawn hangin around , especially all yall chubby chasers.. go easy on the game boys and bulldykes, thats my girl youre flirting hardcore with. i dont have much of a problem with it because she's comin home with me anyway but respect the girl, she said no. an what the hell is up with the old dudes on the block ( you ancient playas and you "aint shit" playas) showin up to a party full of young bucks and tryin to get in free cuz you know the DJ
nigga we all know the DJ he invitied play on pimpin.

why is it a party full of youngbucks.. where the does at?
guess the only one who had eye candy was lucky.

Mary mary.. why you buggin?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Episode 4 "I guess you all know why were here..."

My Friend,brother, and former bandmate Alec Collins Lost his mother Andrea to breast cancer on saturday.
this blog was supposed to be about the last 2 weeks , me and serena's anniversary, my Foray back into electronic music.. but yo this is hurtin me, especially since my Mother had breast cancer but survived. I told Alec that I had his back, and that his mom would pull thru because my mom did. it was all i knew , it was all the hope i ever had in the world. It got me to thinking. Life is short ...and people come in and out of life quickly . my best to Alec, Jesse, Asa, Tucker,Bailey,and Clay. If ya'll ever read this I got ya back.

I dont care how sick i really am, I cant give in now, I cant die yet. funny how its the saddest things like these that give you the resolve to move forward in life.

As far as music goes, Im workin on a 15 minute memorial mix. maybe it'll be longer, i dunno.
next songs up should be recorded versions of rhymeKlok, the Move, and Beautiful. I hope to knock all three out on tuesday.

the band alec and I played in, Cannibalistic couch Potatoes, We did a one-off for a benefit to support Ms. Andrea's Fight. look it up on youtube

say a prayer, hug ya kids, hug ya baby momma. hug ya momma too.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Episode 3: on the ones and twos or my p's and Q's

Hey Hey hey, I'm slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing. I went to REMIX HOTEL NYC.
JUST BLAZE AND PETE ROCK HEARD MY BEATS(and with it, me Rhymin over them) and they DUG IT! Even better, I got to play with the SP-555 and the torq Xponent. Dj Johnny Juice( we met back in 2007) was there and he remembered me(or at least thats what he said, you know how famous cats are) He offered me an internship with him. Now Im not going HEAD FIRST into Djing but I believe that if I take this gig then I can learn even more about touring, about working with bands and about sampling and the creative process as it pertains to hiphop.

I sent out the email for the internship so i hope that goes thru. that and Going to SAE in NYC... for 16k I get a mac book pro and a ton of shit and a degree!
im all the fuck about it.

Check yall on the flipside
my next gig is Monday june 30th at love park in philadelphia (15th and JFK) 12 noon sharp./ Get on that!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Episode 2: Hey DJ!

So on saturday june 21st Moses is dj'ing At the clark park festival. as a matter of fact, yall should come out because the bands are gonna be off he chain.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Episode one first blog

so yeah umm we postin up tunes here, original content and such. this is basically a blog to support my music habit eh.

Im Moses
Im Tetsujin 28 : electronic musician extrodinaire
Im the man from over there
Im the pirate of the schuykill river
Im the AG3nT

I just am , so listen if you got the time.