Sunday, February 15, 2009

episode 22: what it is what it aint what it do

2 weeks in my new home, no xbox, no tv, and i suck at ccp online... i cant seem to find the time. im not even all the way in here yet and im low on cash, bored( who knew sex was such a big chunk of my time) , and on this day after valentines day, im kinda kicking myself .. not over the girls that didnt want me, but the ones that did ( and i said no to) theres sharon and serena of course, dumped em and i could choke myself for it but im a better man for leaving both of those girls. theyre waaay better people now and that growth couldnt have come under my clingy egotistical shadow. theres !.. noo wait .. there was never , i was only fooling myself. hmm... oh wait.. nicole... yeh thats a case of " i dont think i can handle an older woman" i mean i was a bitter divorcee with a sex drive. if i had the chance, id opt to be friends with benefits and build from there but like all the others, its cool, best of luck to ya... cutie pie

next episode maybe ill dive into why im ending up the "woman" in the bedroom, and why that sexist statement is probably the only way to logically explain this phenomenon

ep:23.... aintshitpussy.