Wednesday, December 24, 2008

2008 FINAL!

okay so unless something BIG happens, this'll be the final entry for 2008

and i'll keep it short concerning the things in store for 2009

"oh you thought you wasnt gonna see me!?... Im the Osiris of this motherfucker!"

Ol' dirty Bastard- "Triumph"- Wu Tang Clan

Monday, December 22, 2008

episode 18: Credits

Sugabear , Ms Malloy, the princess :Reenie
The butterfly,the soothesayer:Kat
The franchise player, Jay-z: deuce P
The mogul: dj fyrewall
the rebel: Dj Phlash
the Iron chef of New jersey: Sauce
Viv money: Viv money
The co-host: Dj mcLovin
the coolest f'n dog ever: Patton

soundtrack by As-is , tuesdays from 7-9 on WEXP Lasalle Radio

Love is you- chrissette michelle
Beautiful- joe jordan
anyone else but you- the moldy peaches
I gotta Know-nikka costa
If i were a boy- Beyonce
like i used to- john legend
Heartless-Kanye West
Something about us- daft punk
Jumper- third eye blind
Save Tonight-eagle eye cherry

2008~ the Life ,romance, and Death of Moe Jiggetts

episode 17: Same girl .. different name ... same breakup, same game

what is it with me and Moody,intelligent,emo theatre nerds? is it me or has every major Female companion roughly fit this bill.

somewhere between 5'5 and 5'8
roughly 150 to 182 lbs
some family dysfunction
considered off the beaten path
Headstrong persona
thinks that im cute, when I clearly dont agree
disagrees with my thoughts on their beauty
amused, enamored, and creeped out by my advances

friends with my friends, as well as very inviting into their lives

ok ok if i think about this anymore its gonna get real creepy. I loved them all Dearly, but every relationship burned out because i fucked up or they did some little shit that just spooked the fuck outta me. or the honest truth. they just got tired of me. but to be honest, i think that sharon was the only one to get the real me 100% of the time. serena got me in spurts because she was so demanding and so spiteful half the time.. just a plain old hater and i was so afraid to be real with her.. big mistake huh. liz... liz got so much of me its sad. uugh i shudder whenever i think about the bullshit i ran myself thru, the drama, the stress... the fact that this time last year i was trying to find a feasable way to build my life so that i could support a college Graduate and start a family. Teresa Marie, Zoe Denise, Aiden Xiomar.. i had my kids names picked out.

now for the rant... no.. wait... no sorry Katrina , i fucked that one up

well kids i think thats it for 08, lets look back on the cast shall we?
Next episode: the credits

episode 16: my friends over you

So I think that it's funny. this is the first Christmas that I've spent alone since I've started dating. and i think that all my friends and even my younger brother are friends with sugabear and the butterfly ( yeah, i managed to piss her off too.. i'll rant about that in episode 17) and im not. I see why... its nothing against them its just that i dont take rejection as well from certain people. in sugabears case, Yeah I walked out on her but it was just like when i walked out on nancy. i left before they could leave me. Its not like i left her for someone .. okay its not like i left suga for the butterfly, but damn it did seem that way for a while... grimy huh? it gets worse. it seems that everywhere I turn , Her face is there and yeah.. i got rid of most of her pictures and a lot of the videos of our outings. I sold or burned anything i had that reminded me of her ( that i could bear to part with of course) . on to the next girl.. no not the knight, the soothesayer. she was Magic to me, my counsel, my rock, my stability in an increasingly unstable world. the black butterfly became the phoenix that gave me courage to rise from the darkness of my own surroundings only to shun me back to it. or rather I shunned her. she mentions one little hiccup, one little sign of stress and as usual i take it way to far in fear of my own heart and i told her to kick rocks. bad idea. Even though nothing really went on between us, i was so deeply connected to her that from the moment she cut me off i felt it. i felt the very air that i breathe thin out into nothingness. So i see the princess everywhere, i no longer have the soothesayer to comfort me, i cant fuck this up with the knight... Im so afraid that i will. Here i stumble, a king without a crown. without a kingdom.
so really.. what is there to fight for
I know i deserve some sort of punishment for my aloof ways, but really , my only crime is sheer luck. I was lucky that after every Devastating break-up, i managed to find someone else to fill that void. for nancy who i wrongly accused of infidelity ( my crime of choice) i found liz, for liz who outgrew my childish insecurity, i stumbled upon sharon, for sharon whom i feared being without, God gave me another chance in sere.... yeah... Her....i dont think i can do better than Serena. Im pretty sure that Katrina and i werent meant to be, and regardless of whatever blocks i put in my way and whatever she did to stop my advances... i was bound to screw that up. what does that say about this next girl. why am i on this path? Im consitently dealing with oh i'll put that on blast in episode 17