Sunday, November 9, 2008

episode 14: change,hope, and WORLD FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIPS

so when i last posted up, I had to drop Sugabear. so here i stand, alone. No suga, no butterfly,and i dont know who my friends are anymore. but in a shocking twist of fate I found myself in the familiar embrace of a fighter... I say familliar because Im normally the fighter . it seems that ive found a kindred spirit but im not going to jump the gun on this one. she cant have a relationship right now but we're still friends and we connect. she makes me happy like sugabear used to .
enough about these girls.. Im almost done my coursework, and Im contemplating wether to go for a job on a cruise ship or to stick around here and go back to school again.. i dunno, Im definetly going to get rid of this bed, but if I gt the job on the cruise then im not gonna get a new bed cuz i wont be able to sleep in it for half a year!

the phillies won the world series .. so fuck the mets... and the president looks like ME
those 2 events coupled with my amazing week/weekend with the fencer, made my life better and helped me to forget about sugabear ... I think ive finally managed to move on.
thats Change.. That's Hope,and it makes me feel like a WORLD F'N CHAMPION!