Sunday, July 27, 2008

Episode 6: Someday you will find me

And I did.

This is dedicated to a certain few friends who came into my life that fateful summer back in 2001.
If i recall, it all started with me looking for female company, i didnt like the hood jawns at work, so I called on my friend morgan ( a fox if you ask me) one afternoon we hung out poolside with her friends Lacey and Aleshia, shit aint been the same since.

lets skip the story, just last week I had the honor of celebrating Lacey's 22nd birthday with her and some of her new friends. I gotta admit in the brief 10 minute conversation we had, i think she taught me what being a survivor is all about, and that im not the only one . now my goal is to find as many of the spiders as i can and see if we can achieve the same dynamic we did as awkward teenagers.

so to the spiders from mars. thanks for everything.

Monday, July 21, 2008

episode 5 and a half: "one monkey dont stop tha show and cant no motherfuckin monkey stop my flow"

Yeah im gona open this little halfisode with a line i just made up.
I had a lot of shows in the past month.. theoretically. I got shafted for my gig at love park. apparenlty reigional management has a lot of "talent" and when they have a satge and their talent shows up, booked or not, they get a shot at glory.
Im not in regional management.
the guy who offered me the original show offered me a chance to come back the next day, he had noone booked so i had the whole 2 hours, i was ready to spin a nice lunchtime dance party.

wouldnt ya know it,i get there and some old guy has the stage on lock and he's pushin his old school r&b doo wop outfit.. THEY SUCK! then he gets up and puts on some old drunk guy , not dressed to perform mind you, who's singing in some sick perverted high pitched voice, breaks into Jackson 5 tunes and has some old broad with puppets sitting sidestage. man WTF . so finally after the old farts bitch and moan about not getting enough time on stage and nooone being there to see them and not getting good promotion( if you suck.. noone will come besides your fanbase is either by a fan or on base... its hot out and love park is full of kids white tourists and crackheads.)
anyway my contact finally gets the stage and I cant set up my shit because he didnt get the table I asked for and his artists begin showing up outta nowhere. like just of the fucking street corner. from the hopeful naive little white songstress to the singing hodrat and even the whack dvd rappers who spin an angle of "positivity" they all get on and try to sling their records and I get shafted. furthermore i had to share setup space a small setup space with some other dj's and we were scheduled to split a 15 minute set. are you shitting me?

i plugged up and was gettin ready to rock... my hard drive failed on me. aint this a bitch.

lets see the clark park show went well. thats it.

episode 5: "you cold thumb suckin"

Y'know Ive never been good with women, Ive just been blessed to have some good ones over the years ( cheers to ruth/roxanne and sasoun-chan) and i had some bad ones.. This past weekend at a dj PHSH jam, i ran into one of the bad ones. it was real fucked up too. this girl that I used to date (might even become her co worker..) was just throwin hate my way the whole night. now that i look back on the alleged relationship, i regret the way i handled it but dude.. i was like 13. Had'nt even made it to freshman year of high school yet. anyway im used to these neighboorhood jawns throwin shade my way, i mean they dont know me as a nice guy and probably never will since i dated 2 or 3 of em. but damn throwin extra shade and then makin shit up while my fiancee is in the house. and then you wait untill we're in front of all the guys to really rail on me... shit did i really hurt you that badly 8 years ago? tellin me you had folks ready to beat me up...fuck.. bring that shit then. an asswhoopin is free even to the people i call friend. in her defense , maybe it was the booze talkin because i specifically remember confronting her the week before just to close the book on shit. not to mention talking to her the whole year via phone and aim just to present the new and improved... well what do i have to prove!

on another note, ill just say it here, if im at a party and you see a thick lightskin jawn hangin around , especially all yall chubby chasers.. go easy on the game boys and bulldykes, thats my girl youre flirting hardcore with. i dont have much of a problem with it because she's comin home with me anyway but respect the girl, she said no. an what the hell is up with the old dudes on the block ( you ancient playas and you "aint shit" playas) showin up to a party full of young bucks and tryin to get in free cuz you know the DJ
nigga we all know the DJ he invitied play on pimpin.

why is it a party full of youngbucks.. where the does at?
guess the only one who had eye candy was lucky.

Mary mary.. why you buggin?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Episode 4 "I guess you all know why were here..."

My Friend,brother, and former bandmate Alec Collins Lost his mother Andrea to breast cancer on saturday.
this blog was supposed to be about the last 2 weeks , me and serena's anniversary, my Foray back into electronic music.. but yo this is hurtin me, especially since my Mother had breast cancer but survived. I told Alec that I had his back, and that his mom would pull thru because my mom did. it was all i knew , it was all the hope i ever had in the world. It got me to thinking. Life is short ...and people come in and out of life quickly . my best to Alec, Jesse, Asa, Tucker,Bailey,and Clay. If ya'll ever read this I got ya back.

I dont care how sick i really am, I cant give in now, I cant die yet. funny how its the saddest things like these that give you the resolve to move forward in life.

As far as music goes, Im workin on a 15 minute memorial mix. maybe it'll be longer, i dunno.
next songs up should be recorded versions of rhymeKlok, the Move, and Beautiful. I hope to knock all three out on tuesday.

the band alec and I played in, Cannibalistic couch Potatoes, We did a one-off for a benefit to support Ms. Andrea's Fight. look it up on youtube

say a prayer, hug ya kids, hug ya baby momma. hug ya momma too.