Monday, September 22, 2008

Commercial time!!! : Remix Rangerz Blog!!

Wow, a videogame soundtrack, New artists, and even a new page to post up mixes.... the RMXRNGRZ are goin places

Saturday, September 6, 2008

episode 9: Nasty with the keys like i was fingering alicia

So its been a wild ride, Ive got my sampler, I learned how to make some fresh live remixes, and i entered a rap battle at random, with a bunch of dudes that i dont know for a national prize and placed third... shit was banannas.

episode 8: davinci aint got shit on me

i got an email from a friend today and reading it made me feel like a true scumbag.
see i had been arguing with oth my girlfriend and my ex all week... me and the mrs made up and me and the former mrs made up.. but the former... sharon... Hit me up with the bomb of all emails basically saying " youre sending me mixed messages and i dont deserve to be played like this" thing is i didnt see it that way. and i thought about it, especially with my ex girlfriends ( because im so comfy with them) im very forward, kind and sometimes flirtatious.. okay im way too flirtatious... last time i hung out with my ex i felt like i should have had her back and part of me didnt like that because im in a committed relationship.. i mean shit im engaged so technically no other woman on this planet should have what i need but her. no no no i am not going to take a break from serena to figure myself out i got it figured out. and i dont want to hurt sharon because while the relationship was wonderful we got off on the way wrong foot. she's a wonderful person and i want to be her friend . thats going to take some self control for me i have it. but i cant bear to hurt her either her.
i dont want to burden serena with more doubt about us
and i dont want to break sharon down with emotional stress

im going to see this through and by the time the sun sets on this situation . I'll have serena . as for sharon and I hopefully we can still share a laugh and advice every so often

and seriously.. maybe i should just not deal with women... they cant seem to handle me very well..