Sunday, June 29, 2008

Episode 3: on the ones and twos or my p's and Q's

Hey Hey hey, I'm slowly getting the hang of this blogging thing. I went to REMIX HOTEL NYC.
JUST BLAZE AND PETE ROCK HEARD MY BEATS(and with it, me Rhymin over them) and they DUG IT! Even better, I got to play with the SP-555 and the torq Xponent. Dj Johnny Juice( we met back in 2007) was there and he remembered me(or at least thats what he said, you know how famous cats are) He offered me an internship with him. Now Im not going HEAD FIRST into Djing but I believe that if I take this gig then I can learn even more about touring, about working with bands and about sampling and the creative process as it pertains to hiphop.

I sent out the email for the internship so i hope that goes thru. that and Going to SAE in NYC... for 16k I get a mac book pro and a ton of shit and a degree!
im all the fuck about it.

Check yall on the flipside
my next gig is Monday june 30th at love park in philadelphia (15th and JFK) 12 noon sharp./ Get on that!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Episode 2: Hey DJ!

So on saturday june 21st Moses is dj'ing At the clark park festival. as a matter of fact, yall should come out because the bands are gonna be off he chain.